Journey started up as my side project on my way to learn how to program. It is much more now. It is not just an application, for me it represents a lifestyle, a literate journey, which is full of hard work. I believe there are others like me, who want to keep improving and working on themselves. So my new goal is to not just have an application, but to have a community.

Lets support each other!

You can start with our new Discord server, which will be the primary communication channel for all new feature requests, your complains but also just for chatting and sharing your progress. I will be there and I will be sharing my own thoughts about what I am grateful for today or what I just realized...

Lastly, you can follow our Twitter. I have to admit though, I am not really a Twitter person, however I promise to try and be better at it. If you have any question and want to reach out directly, contact :)