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What is the purpose of Journey?

The purpose is to help people to stay mindful and in touch with their emotions. By thinking about their life, focusing on positive emotions and visualizing what they want to happen, we believe to be improving their lives :)

What are the tasks?

There are weekly tasks which will prompt you to write about some topic of your life. These tasks will go deep into your soul and it is up to you how honest you will be. You'll get a new task each week.

What is the example of a task?

"What would you do, if you won $10 000 000? Write down how would your first week look like. How would you spend that money, what would you do?"

What happens when I miss my weekly task?

Nothing happens. You don't have to finish the weekly task. But if you miss it, it may not appear in your dashboard again. You never know when you will find a certain topic relevant, so it is good to write at least couple of sentence about each task.

What if I want to write more than just once a week?

For this there are daily tasks and memories. The daily task is a small question about your day, which you can fill daily to stay in touch with your mood and emotions. Memories are free notes which you can use as your diary - or as whatever you need. They are there just in case you need more space to be mindful.

Are you sure no one can read my private solutions?

We are absolutely sure, your dashboard is visible only for you. There is an option to export all your solutions into text file though (as a backup), so what you will do with this exported file is up to you :)

Will you remind me to finish my tasks?

Not yet, but we are working on reminders! Meanwhile, just check Journey before Sunday, because that is the day the weekly task resets.

What features are you planning?

We are working on reminders, tags to categorize your memories and better profile statistics. Stay tuned!

How many tasks are there, and can I contribute?

You can help us compose new tasks by filling your suggestions in the Suggestions panel (you need to be registered to enter that). We are trying our best to use your ideas and create great tasks from them! There are currently about 50 tasks.

Can I opt out from Google Analytics?

We are collecting data about your visits for our statistical purposes. This information helps us build a better Journey for you. If you don't want us to collect your data, just email us on