About the author

My name is Zuzana Dostalova and I am the author of Journey. I am 25 years old, I am from the Czech Republic and I study IT. It was not always my field of study though, for most of my life I have considered myself as a sociologist.

I graduated from social studies and I've spent a wonderful year at the Gothenburg University (Sweden), studying European Integration. I have always cared about volunteering, education, family and social care, and the EU.

I ran into programming very oddly. I was living alone in Sweden and I missed my home and my friends. I wanted to make something which could connect me with my friends and which would bring me closer to them.

I started to learn Ruby on Rails, because I heard about the wonderful event called Rails Girls. I felt so inspired by this iniciative and I believed that even me, a social person, could learn how to program. I went to Rails Girls in Bratislava and it gave me the self confidence to continue.

I started to learn by myself. I did all the courses at codeschool.com or codecademy.com. And then, I built a simple social network for my friends, just as I planned!

Journey was my second attempt to build something. This time it was supposed to be real, not just for a very close group of friends. I had my wonderful boyfriend, Jakub, who moved to Gothenburg to be with me, and who helped me understand Ruby.

I have been interested in self-development for a very long time and I needed something like Journey. I wanted to fill out tasks which would inspire me and which would record my emotions. I felt so fullof love and hapiness that I needed to get it out.

I needed to clear my thoughts, write down all the gratitude I felt, so that I would never forget it. Journey was created based on my needs, but it is no longer about me, it is about all you.

Today it is almost two years since all of this happened, and I am back home at Prague. I changed my field of study and started to work as programmer. I feel really happy that I can build applications which can help people. Journey will always be my personal project and I hope, that some day, it will become even bigger and more people will enjoy it the way I do every day.